Membership Form

    Membership Form

    Please Complete the form below to apply for membership to Networking Austin.

    After submitting your application, you will be redirected to pay your dues and enroll in automatic monthly payments.



    • $300.00 initiation fee
    • $177.00 per month
    • $125.00 annual renewal

    Membership is annual (12 months). Membership may be canceled by written notice from Networking Austin. Membership will automatically renew unless Networking Austin is notified at least thirty (30) days in advance of Renewal Date (each anniversary of acceptance by Networking Austin).


    By executing this Agreement, Applicant agrees to comply with all policies, provisions and requirements of Networking Austin, including but not limited to the following Expectations, Code of Ethics, Rules of Participation, and Provisions for Disputes Between Members. Failure to so comply may result in rescission of membership by Networking Austin.


    • Attend regularly. If a Member’s attendance over any three-month period falls below 70%, Networking Austin may, at its sole discretion, terminate the membership. A member who is unable to attend may send a substitute in his or her place;
    • Look to the group to satisfy business needs;
    • Invite guests and potential members regularly to visit the group;
    • Listen actively to group leaders, members, and guests when they speak;
    • Learn about each member and guest, their business, and business needs;
    • Get to know a different member a little better at every meeting;
    • Greet guests at every meeting. Make them feel welcome. Learn about them;
    • Initiate one-on-one meetings with members outside of group meetings to get better acquainted;
    • Use knowledge of others to generate opportunities to contribute to their success;
    • Educate others about yourself and your business;
    • Make brief introductions (30-60 seconds) to the group at each regular meeting when asked. Make a featured presentation (10-15 minutes) to the group periodically when asked;
    • Encourage others to participate effectively in the group;
    • Document and report weekly every referral given and received, and all resulting business.


    • Always be truthful with members, guests, and their referrals;
    • Actively promote goodwill, referrals, and helpfulness at every opportunity;
    • When provided with an opportunity to serve a member or referral, perform at the highest standards of quality, fairness, integrity and customer service;
    • Take responsibility for your actions;
    • Follow ethical standards for your profession.


    • shall be paid annually in advance or automatically on the first day of each month by scheduled bank draft, debit or credit card charge.
    • If an automatic payment is declined or returned for any reason, a charge of $20.00 will be assessed.
    • Late payments will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% per month or the highest amount allowed by law, prorated daily, until payment is received.
    • Networking Austin may change the dues amount at any time with thirty (30) days’ notice to members.

    • Networking Austin may use Member photographs and information on the company website, and for advertising and promoting Networking Austin in general.
    • No partial or adjusted dues will be collected or refunded for any reason except in the case of an accounting error on the part of Networking Austin. All dues are collected in total monthly amounts and never prorated.


    If a dispute arises between members resulting from any transaction or member referral, or for any other reason, those Members shall work cooperatively and in good faith to resolve such dispute amicably and expeditiously. Networking Austin shall not mediate or otherwise be involved such dispute. Additionally, Applicant agrees that he or she will not hold Networking Austin liable for the acts or omissions of any of its members, guests, or their products, services, or consequences resulting therefrom. Applicant agrees that he or she is solely responsible for determining the value of any goods or services, as well as the credentials of other members or guests for purposes of referring them to third parties.


    This Membership Agreement, when signed by the Applicant and accepted by Networking Austin, constitutes a binding contract between Networking Austin (113 Oak Bluff Cove, Lakeway, Texas 78738) and the individual executing this Agreement. Membership rights, privileges and obligations commence upon acceptance by Networking Austin.

    Networking Austin shall coordinate and facilitate meetings for members for the purpose of benefitting all members. No warranties are given or implied.

    In the event membership is canceled by Networking Austin, member is obligated to pay all dues through the effective date of termination.

    This membership agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the parties, and any modifications or changes must be in writing and signed by both parties.

    Sumbitting your information below indicate complete understanding and agreement to all terms.

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