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Adventures In Networking Imani Simmons • Jan 16, 2020

Choosing A Networking Group Is Like Choosing A Mate & You Should Be Picky I had been to three other networking groups before I found my networking home. I realized pretty quickly that you have to decide what you want before you join any networking group. When I went looking I wanted one thing, real…

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People Change – Stay Updated

There seems to be lots of reasons to network, and more importantly, keep networking. The process should never really stop. The need continues even though you may know every member in your networking group and could have even become good friends, outside of business, with many in your network. Ongoing repeat reminders as to whom…

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3 Ways to Remain Optimistic When Networking

If there’s one thing that gets people down about networking at times, it’s that it can often be a frustrating experience. It’s not uncommon to spend weeks or months trying to network with someone, yet it just doesn’t come to fruition. More often than not, however, this has less to do about how you’re going…

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Incorporating Networking Into Daily Life

For a lot of people, networking is by and large a business activity. After all, its primary function is indeed to help further one’s career, yet the pressure that comes from marketing one’s self and networking can sometimes feel like too much. If you can learn how to incorporate networking into your daily life, however,…

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Networking: No Time to Bury Your Head in the Sand

Why are some people so successful in networking? Good networkers not only receive leads but also seem to have a good time doing it, while others seem to be by themselves in a crowded room.  Over the years with Networking Austin, I have watched the differences between the network members who seem to be getting…

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Strength and Confidence

I was reading a networking blog from another group that concerned the members gaining enough strength and confidence to finally be in a position to ask for leads. In addition, classes were to be held, at a charge, to teach members of this network how to ask for leads! This is exactly what our network…

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