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Adventures In Networking Imani Simmons • Jan 16, 2020

Choosing A Networking Group Is Like Choosing A Mate & You Should Be Picky I had been to three other networking groups before I found my networking home. I realized pretty quickly that you have to decide what you want before you join any networking group. When I went looking I wanted one thing, real…

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Why Promotional Products?

My name is Allan Chase and I have never written a blog before but here goes… I am in the promotional products business. This is a business where I have my client’s imprint (brand, logo, message) printed on a useful item such as a pen, koozie, coffee mug, flashlight, etc.. There are millions of items…

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Assessment Basics

MaxImize has been providing assessments to clients for over 25 years and the longer I have my business, the more I have understood that no single assessment can give a complete picture. We currently use a minimum of three statistically different assessments to get a broader view of the individual. With a management position it…

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Proven ROI of Leadership Coaching

What Is Leadership Coaching? Professional coaching is a process by which an individual or team engage their specific set of skills, knowledge and actions to achieve successful results for their relevant responsibilities under the direction and support of a qualified coach. Whether an individual or a team, a professional coach supports the goals set by…

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Don’t Ignore Your Requirement to File for Your Employee Benefits in 2016

Many employers who are required to file two tax documents next year are not planning to file, or they just don’t know they are required to. The form #’s are 1094-c and 1095-c. Each employee are supposed to be given a copy of the form sent to the IRS in order to file their own…

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How to Know if You’re Ready for a CFO?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you might be ready… Do you have access to all the reports you need to make crucial business decisions at crucial moments? Do you need loyal customers, suppliers, banks, shareholders, or government regulators? Are you in a mode of rapid growth? As growth occurs, the…

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Communication is Key

Some skills are essential when it comes to business and networking. One of the most basic, and therefore the most frequently overlooked, is communication. Good communication in daily life is something that one can expect to come easily to any business professional. However, there are still pitfalls to be avoided. This guide will give you…

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New Year, New Business!

Ask any successful small business owner how they got to where they are, and chances are they’ll tell you it couldn’t have been done without a lot of hard work and planning. For many, the beginning of a new year is one of the best times to work towards starting a new business, and 2014…

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How Less Traditional Forms of Social Networking Boost a Small Business

The Affordable Care Act and Small Businesses- What will change and what will stay the same?

In the midst of political standoffs and technological blunders, the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment became effective October 1, 2013 and will last until March 1, 2014.  This is a large health care and legislative change for Americans, and leaves employers of smaller companies wondering how it will affect their businesses, taxes, and bank accounts.…

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