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Tips for Putting Together and Managing a Dedicated Remote Team

Managing a remote team is a popular alternative to hiring in-house employees. While hiring remote workers can save your business a lot of money, it can be hard to find the right people without meeting them in person. And, once you’ve found workers, managing your team will come with its own special set of problems.…

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Get Involved. Integrate!

The value of your networking group far exceeds getting leads. Actually, a large piece of the value that comes from your group has little to do with a direct lead in the arena of “Joe needs this, so I’ll call him and tell him your coming” but in the information and idea generation that can…

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What Other Networking Groups Blog About

Avoid Networking Exile

Be Specific About Your Lead

Just about the most confusing and ineffective communication a member can offer to generate business is to ask for a huge, broad, myriad of leads without being specific as to what they really need. “I need to find any person who has money, or anyone who owns property!” Members in the group can supply you…

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Stay Seated and Quiet

The importance of sharing you life story to the group when it’s your turn to speak is not unlike teaching the value of receiving a salary to an employee. The currency we use in our network is trust, and a genuine caring about a person’s success. This is created in getting to know all about…

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Be Genuine. Be Personal.

Today’s tip has to do with a simple suggestion that could help get the results from the group you want. It has to do with presenting yourself as the person you are, not who you think the group would want to see. Being genuine to who you are helps build trust and personal knowledge faster…

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People Change – Stay Updated

There seems to be lots of reasons to network, and more importantly, keep networking. The process should never really stop. The need continues even though you may know every member in your networking group and could have even become good friends, outside of business, with many in your network. Ongoing repeat reminders as to whom…

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