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Networking Austin Tip #6

Giving each other leads is the bottom line in ours or any networking group. We all want that kind of activity. We need more business. I believe that in a system developed and operated on the principals that we use, our lead generation is optimum both in quality and quantity. One way to help insure…

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A Blog!

So easy to get a topic off of other peoples blogs. The ideas seem to just flow from them. Anyway, here it goes… Volume. This seems to be the mainstay idea of some other networks. How many people can I touch how often? Hundreds, thousands (that was mentioned!) and how effectively can I stay in…

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Quality Leads Starts with Focus

Just about the most confusing and ineffective communication a member can offer to generate business is to ask for a huge, broad, myriad of leads without being specific as to what exactly is needed.  “I need to find any person who has money or anyone who owns property!” Members in the group can supply you…

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