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Takes Time to Generate Leads

Frequently, the question is asked about the amount of time a member will be in the network and expect activity to be generated in the form of leads. The answer is the time that it takes to get leads differs member to member for several reasons. First, it depends on what you do for a profession. Some businesses are…

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Be Personal and Refer Friends

This would be a couple of simple tips that will increase the likelihood of your receiving leads from your group. 1)      Put the list of members in a place that allows easy access. Usually the car works best. It goes most places you do. When a person asks for a referral, or states that they…

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Strength and Confidence

I was reading a networking blog from another group that concerned the members gaining enough strength and confidence to finally be in a position to ask for leads. In addition, classes were to be held, at a charge, to teach members of this network how to ask for leads! This is exactly what our network…

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