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Leads Come In Many Forms

It is important to understand that networking groups represent a sales force. A member can, in essence, create a large group of marketing professionals that purposefully go into the “real business world” and forward business to other members in the group. The most important part of that process is to clearly understand why another member…

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Targeted Leads

Just about the most confusing and ineffective communication a member can offer to generate business is to ask for a huge, broad, myriad of leads without being specific as to what exactly is needed. “I need to find any person who has money, or anyone who owns property!” Members in the group can supply you…

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How Do You Start Networking?

Sounds like a simple question, but how do you enter a room of business people you don’t know and begin the process of creating a network? The best answer is to clearly understand what you’re actually doing. It seems much easier to hit a target when you know where it is! We will explore over the next…

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